Do you suspect infidelity? Spouse hiding assets or turning the children against you during the divorce process?  Need help building up a divorce case?

Matrimonial Investigations are the solution. Before turning to expensive legal advice, matrimonial investigations will establish your suspicions, when they are warranted (as it turns out to be in most cases). Matrimonial and marital infidelity investigations will reveal the truth.

We carry out investigations and expose marital infidelity through surveillances on his / her spouse, utilization of spy equipment and installation of cameras. We also provide evidence that can be presented in court during the divorce process.

Our office is licensed by the Ministry of Justice and operates within the boundaries of law, so that results of investigations and evidence acquired can be displayed in court during the divorce process. Licensed by the Ministry of Justice, our investigators will be able to testify about their findings in court, on your behalf.

As part of our matrimonial investigations, we offer services in installation of cameras, surveillances by private investigators, financial investigations, special investigations and surveillances out of Israel, identification of unlisted numbers and special sectors investigations. 



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