Personal Investigations

Whenever you require information quickly and discretely – we are the ones to turn to.

We offer first consultation free of charge, in order to determine the appropriate investigation course in each case.

Our office includes several departments specified to meet various needs - economic and business information, exposing marital infidelities and building up divorce cases, wills and estates, locating missing persons and family in Israel and abroad, investigations for and within the orthodox Jewish sector,  protection of helpless or disabled people, youth investigations and investigations in Russian and Arabic.

Our office operates all over the country and abroad, conducting covert surveillance operations, complex investigations, hidden camera installations and data interpretations.

We will provide answers to every issue, and advise when an investigation is necessary or whether there are measures you can take on your own.

You can contact us immediately, anonymously if needed, and we'll provide you with a solution.

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Memeber of the Isreal Bureau of Private Investigators

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