Mandatory vehicle insurance

The Accident Victims Compensation Act is a new, progressive and social law, which purpose of is to provide adequate compensation and to prevent situations in which injury is not compensated for.

Many people actually take advantage of the law and submit fraudulent claims or trying to "inflate" the amount of the claim.

Our office performs personal injury insurance investigations which primarily examine the circumstances of the accident (whether indeed occurred, and if so, what bodily injuries it actually caused), and further examine the damage.

Leket information is a leading investigations office in the field of insurance investigations and as such, we are turned to by insurance companies to investigate cases on which other offices have given up.

Bodily injury liabilities

When a lawsuit regarding a work accident or third party accident, such as an injury suffered by a person in a public area (falling in the street for example), is submitted to an insurance company, we are sent to investigate about the veracity of the circumstances and examine the question of liability, and estimate the extent of physical damage suffered by the victim.

Life insurance and personal injuries

We carry out comprehensive insurance investigations including technical surveillances and covert insurance investigations, in order to collect reliable information about the claimant's level of function, work and daily routine. During the insurance investigation, we are retracing the claimant's movements and when needed - make contact, record the relevant information and later submit the findings properly.

We employ a small number of investigators who specialize in insurance investigations and whose vast experience allows us to complete the investigation quickly and with minimal cost. 

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