Our team

Each of our departments is headed by a skilled professional, who manages the various teams of investigators, according to their field of expertise, to provide you with the most accurate professional, updated and reliable information.

Leket Information's personnel has been working together for many years:


Eli Sade, CEO, director of the economic investigations and business Intelligence department.Served in the Israel Defense Forces as Colonel 
 and have mor then 30 years of experience in investigations and business intelligence in the world.

Daniel Levy, director of special investigations, operations and surveillance, has extensive experience in criminal and civil investigations, worked Bmodian Israeli police and over fifteen years working in the field of private investigations.

Ayala Mann, director of auto insurance investigations, medical malpractice and personal injury accidents, Graduate Bar - Ilan University to study law and philosophy. Information Bulletin office worker for four years.

Mr. Harel Mireus, director liability insurance investigations, a graduate of Tel Aviv University law school, he worked for ten years in insurance companies, including two seven-year litigation and business liability department.

Sarah Perez, director of the bureau Bulletin, working at the office for last twenty years.



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