Leket Information - Investigations and business information processing, is a private investigations office operating in Israel and abroad since 1995 and is considered one of the leading in its field.

Eli Sade (Lieutenant Colonel Ret.), CEO of Leket information, is an expert of business intelligence, as well as military and civilian intelligence, and has extensive 25 years experience in investigations and business intelligence worldwide.

Leket information is licensed and authorized by the Ministry of Justice, approved by the Ministery of defence, employs over twenty-five authorized private investigators and works closely with both government and private agencies .
whenever needed.

We consider it our role as a leading investigations office to provide you, the clients, with personal and business stability, guided by the concept of treating both our clients and our employees as part of our family, giving them personal attention,

Through cooperation between private investigators who comprise our Headquarters and field staff, we provide our clients with all the information required in a constantly changing reality.

Our activities include investigating all sorts of incidents, both general and private, special investigations, insurance investigations, employee investigations, intellectual property investigations, matrimonial investigations, economic and commercial investigations, business intelligence and competition, cracking complicated cases and exposing frauds.

As part of our activities we conduct covert surveillances and investigations, special operations, reliability checks, security solutions and provide legal services for law firms and legal departments, such as locating debtors and making legal deliveries.

All investigations, surveillances and other actions are carried out lawfully.

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Phone: 972-3-5756266
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Memeber of the Isreal Bureau of Private Investigators

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